"...I so much want to understand more"

~Excerpt from Straight to the Heart: Life & Love

Brandi S. Cummings
Journalist, Author, Motivational Speaker
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Interactive Workshops

Loving Me Workshop

Straight to the Heart Seminar

Effective Communication Workshop

Media Training Workshop


"Getting Ready to Love":

Do you love yourself enough to love someone else?  This seminar for teenage girls deals with how best to prepare themselves for healthy mature relationships.  

"Single, Not Searching":
Christian women often struggle with what should or should not be done in a relationship.  Does God need help in His search for the perfect mate?  This seminar is an honest discussion on how to endure the journey as the single Christian woman.

"Like Daughter, Like Mother":
There comes a time in every mother-daughter relationship where one may ask, "Who is This Person?"  This seminar is for both mothers and daughters who would like to develop a better connection with and understanding of each other.

"Getting Over It":
A seminar for girls that focuses on the challenges that make up the adolescent experience and how to navigate them to emerge a beautiful and successful woman.  

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